What do you call people who go on road trips?

With all the different styles of road trips, what do we call these travelers?

It’s hard to keep track! If you’ve already researched for your next road trip, you’ve probably noticed that different terms describe travelers searching the road for new adventures. You’ve probably heard the names: Roadtrippers, van lifers, overlanders… But what do they mean?

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So let’s explore the different names given to these road trip enthusiasts, their meanings, and particularities.

But what’s a road trip?

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Let’s start with the basics. As the name suggests, a road trip is a journey on the road. During a road trip, you cover varying distances, stopping at different places.

A road trip can be enjoyed alone, as a couple, with family or friends - there are no rules! The choice of vehicle depends on the destination and duration of each road trip. Some will use their car or rent one, while others prefer to hit the road in a camper van, a van, or a motorcycle.

The term road trip became very popular in the 1960s when many young Americans hit the road for adventure. At the time, road-tripping was synonymous with freedom: it enabled people to discover new destinations flexibly and independently while living unique experiences and creating unforgettable memories. Road trips will also allow you to travel longer, saving on accommodation.

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1. Who are Roadtrippers?

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Road-tripping is a form of travel that attracts more and more enthusiasts yearly. Roadtrippers are travelers who aim to explore the world and enjoy unique experiences on mythical roads in their vehicles.

For them, the road trip represents an adventure, a discovery of oneself and others. The mindset of a road tripper is often characterized by freedom, spontaneity, and improvisation.

For them, the road trip represents an adventure, a discovery of oneself and others. The mindset of a road tripper is often characterized by freedom, spontaneity, and improvisation. Roadtrippers like to let themselves be carried along by their desires, choosing their itinerary as they meet and discover new things.

Above all, Roadtrippers seek to get off the beaten track, get out of their comfort zone, and discover spectacular, untouched landscapes. For many, the journey is an end in itself, as every kilometer covered represents a new experience and a story to be told.

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2. Who are the Vanlifers?

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Vanlifers have chosen to live in a van or motorhome full-time. They may travel occasionally but aim to live independently and discover new places while constantly moving. Vanlifers are often digital nomads or artists looking to escape the routine of everyday life. Vanlifers value their freedom of movement and independence. They usually have a minimalist vision, preferring to live with less so they can travel more.

For many, van life is, first and foremost, a state of mind, a way of seeing life differently and appreciating it for what it’s worth.

It’s often associated with the search for freedom, the need for adventure, and living simply. Vanlife enthusiasts seek to free themselves from modern society’s daily grind and constraints by living in a small space and moving around as they, please. For them, van life represents an alternative to the traditional way of life and a way of refocusing on the essentials. By choosing van life, they seek to regain autonomy and reconnect with nature by moving away from big cities and urban areas.

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3. Who are the Overlanders?

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Overlanders are enthusiasts of off-road travel. They often aim to travel to remote, hard-to-reach places like deserts, mountains, or forests. Overlanders are usually equipped with vehicles specially designed for off-road conditions, and they focus on the off-road driving experience and on discovering new and remote places. Overlanders are often intrepid adventurers looking to push their limits and discover exceptional landscapes.

The term is very recent and far from official! It’s mainly used on social networks to describe this extreme traveler. It’s a great way to spread the word about this type of travel. It makes it much easier to follow their adventures online by navigating between hashtags, including #Overlander, which has nearly 100,000 uses on Instagram.

You should be able to see a bit more clearly! We can say that “Roadtrippers” are travelers who explore the world in their vehicles, focusing on the discovery of new landscapes and new experiences. Van lifers, on the other hand, seek, above all, autonomy by living in a van or motorhome full-time. They have a minimalist vision and prefer to live with less so they can travel more. Finally, “overlanders” are off-road enthusiasts looking to travel to remote, hard-to-reach places.

In the end, whether you’re a road tripper, a van lifer, or an overlander, the key is to focus on the experience of your journey. Above all, it’s a way of seeing the world, your lifestyle, and your state of mind rather than a label.

A road trip promises to discover new places you might have missed. It’s also a way of traveling and meeting people who will transform a simple trip into an adventure and unforgettable memories.

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The different names for road trip travelers allow you to connect with a community that shares your values and vision. Roadtrippers share a love of the road and a love of adventure: but whatever name you use to describe yourself, the important thing is to enjoy the freedom and experience that life on the road can offer.

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