9 destinations tested and approved for an European road trip

Discover Europe on a road trip with these 9 destinations tested and approved by our community

Looking for a destination for your next road trip in Europe? We’ve put together 9 inspiring destinations, tried and tested.

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You really should opt for a road trip to Europe. It’s sure to be an exciting and rewarding experience! If you’re not accustomed to this type of travel, starting with a European road trip is an excellent way to test yourself and enjoy this first experience with complete peace of mind. Nothing could be easier than staying close to home and what you know!

And Europe has nothing to envy the rest of the world: the enormous cultural diversity, with so many different regions and countries. From the Spanish coast to the mountains of the Austrian Tyrol, the promise of varied landscapes is also fulfilled. Ready for a road trip in Europe? Here are 9 destinations to inspire you to hit the road, tested and approved by our community of travel enthusiasts!

1. Why not take a road trip… to France, quite simply?

Small cliffs and sandy ocean beaches

If you’re looking to discover the beauty of France at your own pace, a road trip could be the ideal solution. From the medieval villages of the Dordogne to the mountains of the Alps, from the rich Atlantic coast to the mysteries of Occitania, France is full of hidden treasures just waiting to be explored.

Émilie and Cédric have spent the last 2 years exploring such a wide variety of landscapes! In the end, this diversity enabled them to (re)discover France and make a sort of “mini-tour du monde” on a French scale:

*Walking in the desert on the dunes of Pilat, imagining themselves in the Grand Canyon while strolling through the ochre fields of Roussillon, discovering wild landscapes reminiscent of Canada at the Lac des Bouillouses, going to observe pink flamingos in the Camargue,… France is bursting with varied landscapes!*

Profile picture of Les Avencurieux - Émilie & Cédric
Les Avencurieux - Émilie & Cédric

👉 Émilie and Cédric are waiting for just one thing: to be able to continue their adventure in the regions they haven’t yet had time to visit! Emilie and Cédric will be delighted to advise you if you plan to follow their route.

For a spring road trip, you can head for the Atlantic coast to take in the sights before the tourists arrive: La Rochelle, l’Ile de Ré, Royan, l’Ile d’Oléron and why not stop off inland at Jonzac before heading down to Bordeaux! Enjoy the sea air and the beautiful architecture, and have a great time!

And if you’re looking for a place to go in autumn: the Alsace wine route, alternating small villages and fields of vines as far as the eye can see against the backdrop of the Alsatian landscape. It’s a road trip that lets you take in the sights and take your time, too, because the road is pretty short and the villages are reasonably small, so you can stroll along without running all the time! It’s also an ideal road trip for photo enthusiasts and gourmets, who can enjoy the local gastronomy whether or not they’re wine-lovers 😊.

Profile picture of Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels
Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels

2. Heading for Southern Europe and the beauties of Spain

A motorhome in the middle of the semi-desert country

Spain is your destination if you’re looking for a complete cultural change of scene without traveling the world. From the rugged beauty of the northern beaches to the colorful, invigorating cities of the south, this country offers a perfect blend of impressive scenery, culture, and gastronomy. And while destinations such as Barcelona or Madrid are known for welcoming many tourists, this road trip will get you away from the most touristy areas to discover far more authentic regions.

👉 Audrey and Steve are roadtrip regulars. They’ve even crossed Australia, to tell you the truth! In Europe, Audrey and Steve chose to cross Spain in a converted motorhome. 8 months of intense discoveries, visits, and encounters have left a lasting impression on them. They will happily help you organize your road trip to Spain.

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Les Manalas

👉 Not sure which vehicle to choose for your road trip? Our guide Why take a road trip by car, van, or motorcycle? will help you make the choice that best suits your desires and needs.

3. Authentic Italy in the heart of Puglia

A view of small cliffs by the sea

Located in southern Italy, Puglia is a prime destination for lovers of gastronomy and picturesque landscapes. The region is famous for its authentic villages, sandy beaches, and delicious cuisine. By visiting Puglia on a road trip, you can discover charming towns and villages, meet the locals, and sample their local cuisine. Puglia offers an experience rich in culture and nature, with many historical and natural sites to discover.

👉 Aurélie opted for a 10-day road trip through the Puglia region, getting off the beaten track to discover the region’s towns and villages, meeting the locals and sampling their local cuisine. If you’re looking to (re) find Italy off the beaten track and away from the over-touristed areas, Aurélie can advise you on organizing your road trip in southern Italy.

Profile picture of Aurelie @lilifoodiestravel
Aurelie @lilifoodiestravel

4. Discover the wonders and history of Greece in the Peloponnese

An ancient Greek ruin surrounded by nature

The Peloponnese is a little-known region of Greece that deserves a thorough visit. The area has archaeological sites and historical monuments, such as the Theater of Epidaurus. The scenery is equally magnificent, from mountains to sandy beaches and olive groves. And, of course, the local cuisine is delicious and richly flavored.

👉 Marie-Catherine and Charlotte explored the Peloponnese on a 7-day roadtrip, in search of remarkable stories and colorful cuisine. From the Temple of Poseidon on Poros Island to the port city of Nafplio, this region offers a rich cultural experience. They’ll be happy to help you plan your own trip along the roads of the Peloponnese.

Profile picture of Marie-Catherine & Charlotte - Récits d'Escapades
Marie-Catherine & Charlotte - Récits d'Escapades

5. Discovering the raw beauty of nature in Iceland

A lonely road under a Sunset

If you’re looking for an extraordinary destination, why not try Iceland? This country’s breathtaking landscapes are sure to leave a lasting impression and give you unforgettable memories. Iceland is a not-to-be-missed choice for all nature lovers or adventurers looking for a unique travel destination.

👉 Carole was lucky enough to embark on an unforgettable road trip to Iceland and ever since, Andy has dreamed of nothing but being able to go there. From awe-inspiring glaciers to spectacular waterfalls and black sand beaches, Carole was struck by Iceland’s natural beauty. The country is known for its hot springs, geysers, and northern lights. Carole recently recommended Iceland to a traveler who, thanks to her, experienced such an authentic and unforgettable trip. Why shouldn’t you?

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Car and Bag

6. Staying in Northern Europe, heading for Norway

A lone van in the middle of a winter desert landscape

Thanks to its incredible landscapes and unspoiled wilderness, Norway is a dream destination for a road trip. With its majestic fjords, snow-capped mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and magical northern lights, Norway is a unique and unforgettable experience for nature lovers. With its picturesque fishing villages, standing wooden churches, numerous museums, and modern cities such as Oslo and Bergen, this destination delivers on its promise of a change of scenery. Norway also offers outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, kayaking, and fishing.

👉 Auréline and Arnaud spent 5 months in their converted van discovering the riches of Norway. If you’re in the process of planning your road trip to Norway, your experience will be invaluable!

Profile picture of Auréline & Arnaud - WILD ROSEMARYS
Auréline & Arnaud - WILD ROSEMARYS

7. On the borders of Europe and Asia, on the roads of Turkey

A landscape of troglodyte houses

This is a genuinely out-of-the-ordinary destination for a road trip. At the crossroads of several cultures and a central place in the history and culture of many peoples, Turkey abounds with treasures to discover on a road trip. We can’t recommend it enough!

👉 Laura took to the roads of Turkey to discover Cappadocia, a region renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, its famous hot-air balloons and its troglodyte churches, carved directly into the rock and adorned with frescoes by the peoples who used to live there. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary road trip that combines history, nature, and a change of scenery, Laura can help.

Profile picture of Laura l'exploratrice
Laura l'exploratrice

8. Heading for Croatia, between sea, nature, and history

An aerial view of a natural park

Croatia offers magnificent landscapes, a heavenly coastline, and exciting historic towns. Whether to discover its sublime national parks, explore its picturesque coastal towns, enjoy islands like Hvar, or discover its medieval castles, fortresses, and palaces, Croatia is an excellent destination for a road trip.

👉 Lydia and Catherine are two passionate travel bloggers who decided to go on a road trip in Croatia. From the cities of Sibenik, Split, Troguir, and Zadar to the national parks of Plitvice and Krka and the fortress of Klis, Lydia and Catherine will be delighted to advise you.

Profile picture of Lydia et Catherine - La Croisée des Mondes
Lydia et Catherine - La Croisée des Mondes

9. Windmills in the Netherlands

A windmill beside a country road

Road-tripping in the Netherlands is ideal because the country is relatively small, so distances between different points are pretty short! Suitable if you’re not too used to this kind of trip or want to change your itinerary to suit your mood or the weather.

Mélanie took to the roads of the Netherlands for a 17-day road trip that she loved for the diversity of the landscapes and the many opportunities to get away from the tourist centers:

*My advice for an ideal road trip at the height of the tulip season: vary the locations. Keukenhof is obviously the best-known place, but if you’re going on a road trip in the Netherlands, it’s not the best place to go. Take advantage of your mobility to explore the surrounding fields and even change regions! Don’t just stick to Lisse and the Bollenstreek region (even though it’s the most accessible place to find domains), then head east to Flevoland in Noordoostpolder **** and north above Alkmaar. In these two regions, you’ll find the largest tulip fields without the tourists.

Of course, you can also take advantage of this road trip to visit the towns you’ll come across on your way to discovering the Netherlands outside Amsterdam, such as Gouda, Haarlem, Utrecht, Volendam, Alkmaar, Almere, and end up visiting the famous windmills of Kinderdijk!

This will give you a good idea of what’s in store in the Netherlands!

Profile picture of Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels
Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels

We hope this small selection of ideal European road trip destinations has inspired you to pack your bags. Of course, this list is subjective and does not cover all road trip possibilities!

If you’re looking for more ideas and inspiration for out-of-the-ordinary road trips, don’t hesitate to call on the experts in our community.

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