8 ideas for road trips in America

Discover America with these 8 road trip ideas, tested and approved by our community

From north to south, America is a unique destination for many travelers. With breathtaking landscapes and fascinating cultures, there are so many destinations to explore. Whether looking for bustling cities or vast wilderness, America has something for everyone.

Route 66 with an American dinner in the background

We asked our community to share their best memories of road trips across America, and here are their genuinely unique adventures to experience.

1. A truly timeless classic: a road trip in the American West

A lone woman in the middle of a desert road, her arms reaching for the sky

We start with a simple trip to the American West. It’s one of the world’s best road trip destinations! Mélanie validates it 100%:

*The American West is where you can take in the sights at every turn! And there’s so much to do; you’ll never get bored! After three trips to this side of the USA, I still have parks and places to discover!

Profile picture of Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels
Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels

Some of you will be tempted by the many national parks such as the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, Monument Valley, and Zion National Park. Others for the spectacular landscapes of Arizona, California, Utah, or Nevada. I do not forget the surprises and activities that the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles have in store for you.

There’s something for everyone; we warned you! The Fleeps Community advises you to alternate between the different types of places you’ll encounter on your road trip through the American West to enjoy the life of the cities and the nature of the parks. And don’t forget that the roads are beautiful places you’ll want to linger beside, so it’s essential to consider that.

👉 Mylène went on a long road trip to discover the American West, with a slight preference for Monument Valley and Zion National Park. She’ll happily help you plan your road trip to suit your needs and desires.

Profile picture of Mylène @unreveunvoyage
Mylène @unreveunvoyage

👉 Mélanie has already been to the American West 3 times and is looking forward to helping you get started on the famous Route 66 or Highway 1, but also off the beaten track.

Profile picture of Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels
Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels

2. Visit the West Coast of the USA… in the middle of winter!

An American canyon during the winter, under the snow

You may never have thought about it: it’s perfectly possible (and recommended!) to visit the West Coast of the USA… in winter. The scenery is just as breathtaking under the snow.

This road trip is ideal for travelers seeking a unique and authentic experience far from the crowds. During the coldest months of winter, few tourists take to the roads of the American West.

But beware: many activities will not be accessible during this period. It’s essential to plan and organize your road trip carefully! Our article How to prepare for your road trip? I can help you make sense of it.

👉 Marie-Catherine and Charlotte experienced the American West in winter. And they loved it! If you’re seeking advice from passionate travelers who know this destination inside and out during winter, Marie-Catherine and Charlotte would be delighted to help you organize your winter road trip in the American West.

Profile picture of Marie-Catherine & Charlotte - Récits d'Escapades
Marie-Catherine & Charlotte - Récits d'Escapades

3. A little further north, discover Eastern Canada on a road trip

A lake surrounded by forest

With its vast natural landscapes, Eastern Canada is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Niagara Falls is one of the most famous attractions. Still, the region also offers many national parks to discover, including Parc National du Fjord du Saguenay and Parc de la Mauricie. Don’t miss out on a visit to Montreal!

👉 Carole and Andy took a 2-week roadtrip there. Departing from Montreal and heading for Toronto, they traveled the Canadian roads to discover breathtaking scenery and a welcoming population. If you’re interested in a road trip in Eastern Canada, Carole and Andy will be delighted to help you organize your dream trip.

Profile picture of Car and Bag
Car and Bag

4. A road trip to Argentina

A road leading to a red-orange mountain

A less classic destination, but well worth a visit. It’s the perfect opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore the Salta region for a few days. You’ll discover spectacular landscapes and traditional villages while enjoying the local gastronomy.

👉 Pauline and Jimmy took their time over several months to discover South America. They loved the Salta region and took a 5-day road trip there, looping from north to south in this region of Argentina. Whether you’d like to chat about South American countries or this road trip, they’ll gladly give you their expert advice!

Profile picture of Pauline - On se fait lama'lle
Pauline - On se fait lama'lle

5. Heading for Mexico on a road trip through Baja California

A view of a beach and the ocean

The Mexican state of Baja, California, is an ideal destination for a road trip. In addition to particularly suitable roads, this peninsula offers a variety of landscapes, from desert to paradise beaches, mountains, and lush forests. Surf enthusiasts can enjoy world-class waves, while history and culture buffs can explore colonial towns like La Paz and Loreto. And don’t miss the opportunity to discover the local cuisine, which combines Mexican and Californian flavors. And, of course, Baja California is famous for its marine wildlife, with options to spot whales, sea lions, and dolphins all along the coast.

👉 Magaly and Franck spent 6 months discovering Mexico. After an initial bus trip exploring the state of Guanajuato to the Pacific Ocean, they set off again for a 20-day road trip in Baja California in slow travel mode. Mexico is a real favorite for Magaly and Franck, so if this destination tempts you, their advice will help you discover this magnificent country!

Profile picture of Magaly & Franck @voyageursdevie
Magaly & Franck @voyageursdevie

6. Still in Mexico, but across the Yucatan!

A lizard in front of a pre-Columbian pyramid

Mexico has a lot to offer, especially regarding road trips. We’re off to the opposite extreme of Baja California, in Yucatan. While the region is (unfortunately) well known for the excessiveness of the city of Cancun, all you have to do is get off the beaten track to discover the treasures it abounds in the best-known Mayan cities such as Chichén Itzá and Tulum or the discreet and natural Uxmal, the various fishing villages on the coast, the beauty of the town of Campeche, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and much more.

👉 Mélanie went on a road trip during 17 days on the roads of Yucatan. Even though she left during the pandemic and some places were closed, or Mexican life slowed down, this road trip left a lasting impression on her, and Mélanie is now looking forward to going back and exploring this country even more, thanks to what she knows. And if you’d like to go to Mexico, Mélanie will be delighted to give you these tips on how to make the most of the country!

Profile picture of Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels
Mélanie - Travel on the Wheels

7. On the roads of South America’s largest country: Brazil

A view of the Amazon rain forest

Brazil is renowned for its unique nature and the warm welcome it continuously gives its inhabitants. It’s a destination that makes travelers dream just by imagining its magnificent beaches, lush Amazon rainforest, or the decadence of its festivities, such as the Rio Carnival. A road trip to Brazil is a rich and varied experience, oscillating between natural areas, (very) large cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, smaller towns like São José or Jacareí, and coastal towns like São Sebastián or Ilhabela.

👉 Cindy visited Brazil during a 10-day road trip, far too short for her. A wonderful experience she can help you live too: her tips for organizing your road trip to Brazil are invaluable!

Profile picture of Cindy @Cindiaries ✨
Cindy @Cindiaries ✨

8. A crazy project: crossing the American continent

A road through the desert towards snow-capped mountains

This trip is probably reserved for the most daring travelers and those most accustomed to this type of travel. The concept is simple: cross the American continent from north to south along the Pan-American Highway.

Starting in Alaska and heading for Patagonia, you must take the time for this multi-year road trip. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover the continent’s different cultures and spectacular landscapes.

👉 If you’re considering such a road trip or are interested in a destination along the Panamerican, you absolutely must meet Alexandra. She set off from Alaska in 2018 aboard her converted van in Pac-Man colors, arriving in Patagonia in 2024. She looks forward to helping you organize a road trip that will change your life forever.

Profile picture of The Roaming Van
The Roaming Van

Taking to the American roads for a trip is a unique opportunity to discover a different culture and experience unforgettable adventures. Whatever your destination, a road trip is a great way to find this continent has wonders.

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