Starting a new Chapter: Funding Successfully Secured!

🌍 The Evolution: Pindex to Fleeps

When we started Pindex, we embarked on an ambitious mission: to reveal the world’s unique and authentic experiences and destinations, often hidden in the shadow of mainstream tourism.

In July last year, our relentless pursuit of a business model that would support this ambition globally finally bore fruit. As we uncovered a treasure trove of information in travel blogs, we had a simple, yet powerful idea: opening up access to the knowledge & expertise of Travel Creators worldwide to enable any tourist to travel like a pro.


💡 A Milestone: Closing Our First Round

The closure of our first funding round marks a significant milestone in our journey, heralding a new era of growth and impact under our new name: Fleeps.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our investors: Apolo, the startup studio of QoQa, Sylvain Berrier, former Global Head of Consumer Insights at Expedia, and our invaluable business angels.

Their collective belief in our vision has culminated in a substantial CHF 400k investment!


🔭 The Road Ahead

Working closely with our digital partners and industry experts, our immediate goal is to refine our value proposition - a crucial step towards reaching Product Market Fit!

We are dedicated to establishing Fleeps as the epitome of unique travel experiences, far removed from the beaten path.

Stay tuned for more updates from Fleeps – where every journey tells a story. 🌍✨