6 tips to prepare for your road trip

Tips from our community for a successful road trip

Going on a road trip is an exciting way to explore different countries, cultures, and environments with complete freedom. But it requires a certain amount of organization and planning to make the most of it, especially if you’re embarking on a project in a converted van or for longer road trips lasting several weeks or months.

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We asked our community of road trip enthusiasts for their essential advice on preparing for a road trip.

1. Find the destination that suits you

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The first step in planning a road trip is setting your destination. There are so many places and goals for a dream road trip! A good question to ask yourself is what you want from your road trip: a trip in contact with nature, a rejuvenating experience, or a road trip to meet new local cultures.

👉 You can get inspired by our community’s different experiences and road trips directly on our interactive map.

Depending on where you want to go, it’s essential to start listing the activities there. Knowing what you can do at the destination of your choice, you can start planning your itinerary and actions much more quickly.

Some apps help you organize your road trip and everything logistical, like Park4night. Our community of road trip experts uses it, and we can’t recommend it enough!

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Auréline & Arnaud - WILD ROSEMARYS

2. Find a vehicle suited to your needs and local conditions

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Once you’ve researched, it’s time to choose and prepare your vehicle for the road. There are several ways to find the ideal vehicle:

  • On the spot, some specialized outlets make it easy to rent the vehicle of your choice. It’s an all-inclusive service without the hassle!
  • Van and motorhome owners often rent out their vehicles when not using them. This can be a great way to get insider information on road trips.
  • Depending on the destination, you may be able to bring your vehicle. Be sure to check the laws and regulations of the country you’re visiting, and make sure your vehicle complies with them.

3. Preparing your vehicle for the long journey

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One of the most essential precautions before setting off on your road trip is checking your tire pressure. They must correspond to the manufacturer’s recommended value and are checked before every trip: this will save you a lot of trouble on the road! And it’ll ensure optimum safety on your road trip.

Similarly, the Fleeps community recommends checking your car’s levels to quickly spot any problems along the way.

It would be best to ensure all appliances are in good condition and working correctly, not forgetting to fill up with water and gas.

Once you’ve chosen your vehicle and are ready to hit the road, it’s time to pack all the necessary items, including food, water, and the various products you’ll be using along your road trip.

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4. Planning your roadtrip

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Everything’s ready for you to embark on your adventure! To facilitate your experience on the road, we strongly advise you to plan the places you want to visit, the places you’ll sleep, and the other stops you’ll make for breaks, refreshments, and refueling (gas, food, etc.).

Nothing can stop you from changing your plan as you progress along your road trip, following the advice of the locals you meet. But a well-thought-out plan will help you stay on course and avoid getting lost.

For example, estimating how much time you want to spend on the different stages of your road trip will make it much easier to adapt to that same plan. It’s also a good idea to list the activities and things to see and do on your road trip so you know which ones are the most important in advance.

Once on the road, you’ll have plenty of time to review and adapt your program to your mood.

5. Find out about local driving rules

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Because depending on the destination, rules, speed limits, and traffic signs can change enormously! Don’t be taken by surprise once you’re on the road. You can quickly learn the differences between countries and their driving rules online.

6. Get help from experts in the field

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If you can follow the path already mapped out by a traveler, it’s much easier to make your plan! And rather than following the random advice found on the Internet, why not ask a traveler who’s already been there?

The Fleeps Community is here to help you choose the destination of your dreams, ensure you’ve thought of everything before you hit the road, and guide you in planning your trip.

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