Eva Thimonnier

Creating trips has always been my passion. The proof: I quickly became a freelance travel planner at the end of my studies. I love new destinations and cultures and like to test and help my friends in their future travel projects. But what does web writing have to do with all this? It's a bit like the covid in our lives; it has turned everything upside down. The pandemic took away my job as a travel planner, and I had to find a new career. I was running a website and a blog to entertain my clients, so I researched. I trained in optimized web writing in 2021 and have been like a fish in water since then. As tourism is still one of my interests, I used my skills to help French tourism actors. Travel planners (of course!), travel agencies, car rental companies, hotels, restaurants... I write quality content to convey their values to Internet users. Authenticity is my driving force, so I naturally joined the Fleeps adventure!